Important facts to remember when selling your home:
  1. The better your home appears, the more potential buyes will be willing to pay.
  2. You intend to sell your home, so you WILL be moving.
House Cleanup Checklist
Cleaning-Remove all odors inside the home. You will most likely be unaware of any odors if you still live in the home. Ask your realtor to walk through the home to find odors you may not be aware of. If necessary, hire professional cleaners to eliminate odors. Clean all carpets, polish wood floors, clean the kitchen floors.
Interior Walls-Repaint to achieve neutral, broadly accepted, contemporary color scheme; tone down bold colors. Repaper or repaint to eliminate themed rooms that limit usability.
Flooring-Replace dated carpets. Replaced dated counters with light, bright surfaces, focusing efforts on key areas in which owners spend the most time.
Exterior Paint-Repaint to eliminate chipping, blistering or peeling paint and to achieve neutral, contemporary color scheme. Repaint fences and railings if necessary.
Landscaping-Remove dead or rotten trees or bushes. Trim bushes of overgrown. Plant annuals to add color. Reseed or re-sod lawn. Add dimension to flat lots with berms, plants and rocks.
Clutter Removal-Rent dumpster to throw out items no longer needed. Rent storage unit to store items you still need. Fill it with old, unused or outdated belongings. Packup and store accessories and knick knacks. Remove family photos leaving only a few good quality framed pictures as decoration. Remove most small appliances from countertops, leaving only the ones you use on a daily basis. Remove items from bathroom vanity. Remove items to open space in closets.
Traffic Flow-Remove small pieces of furniture that restrict walkways. Remove large pieces of furniture that crowd spaces.
Home Defects-Repair defects or be prepared to provide compensation to buyers. Most homebuyers will not overlook defects. Others will make a reduced offer amount due to defects or demand you make repairs before they agree to purchase the home.
Garage-Clean out garage. If the garage should hold 2 cars then clean out the garage so 2 cars can fit inside. Throw away unneeded items or move items to a storage unit. Install storage cabinets if space is available.
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